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Wait to Buy a Hybrid

The hybrid vehicle is an increasingly popular trend. The hybrid has been around for a few years, but more and more manufacturers have begun debuting hybrid models. Hybrid cars are one solution to the high oil prices that have plagued the U.S. Before you hop on the hybrid bandwagon, though, you should do a little bit of research. In fact, some experts even suggest that consumers wait a few years before purchasing a hybrid. Here are some tips to help you decide when to buy a hybrid vehicle.

Trying to Catch Up

Some towns and homes are just not set up efficiently for hybrids. For example, if your car runs on natural gas, you might have trouble locating fill stations in your area. Likewise, if your car runs partially on electric power, your home might not be set up to accommodate the charging of the vehicle. In the aforementioned scenarios, you would have essentially purchase a hybrid for nothing because the fuel savings would be lost.

The Improvements

Hybrids are only going to improve from this point. Within the next two years, the selection and quality of hybrid vehicles will skyrocket. For this reason, you might want to hold off on purchasing one until you have better, more plentiful options. For instance, cars like plug-in electric Chevy Volt are on their way, and they will become the new face of hybrids. You’re better off saving your money for a few years and waiting for the price of hybrids to come down and the technology to advance.

Hybrid SUVs

Hybrids and SUVs might seem like antithetical concepts at first, but car manufacturers have already begun making hybrid SUVs. Perhaps you need more room, but you also really want a hybrid. With a hybrid SUV, now you can have the best of both worlds. Hybrid SUVs are another reason to wait to buy a hybrid, as more and more will be coming out in the next few years. These models will provide the space that you need as well as the gas mileage that you want.

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