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When you go to buy a car at the dealership there is great incentive to let to get an auto loan through the dealership. People fall in love with their new car and want to drive out of the dealership with it that very day so they settle with getting a loan through the dealership so they can have the car instantly. This can hurt you in the long run because car dealerships charge higher interest rates and do not specialize in loans, therefore might not be as adept in saving you money nor do they want to save you any money. It is much more efficient to get your new auto loan online, here are some reasons why:

  • Lower interest rates compared to most dealerships
  • Dealerships sometimes add to your interest rate in order to increase their profit
  • Dealerships might match your interest rate, but add more months to the length of the loan costing you much more
  • Avoid the “song and dance” from the dealership sales people and manager
  • Online lenders can approve you almost instantly

Getting a new car is an experience that many people want to have in their own life. An auto loan can really put you in a great position to get that new car you have always wanted. It is not just good enough to get a car loan though; there are many aspects that go into buying a new car. The following blogs want to help you with information on such areas as interest rates and payments. This is a big responsibility with a new car. It is also a good idea to get updated on all the latest technology so you can understand exactly what your money is going towards. Now is not the time to get your money and run. It is a time for you to get your new car loan, while getting as much as information as you can in order to be successful. Drive your new car around free and clear with nothing holding you back!

Top New Car Loan Articles

Can I Get Car Financing Online?

Auto loans obtained from brick-and-mortar lending institutions are quickly becoming obsolete. The more convenient and increasingly popular alternative is online car financing. Through the Internet, consumers can find quotes on different loans and even apply for financing online.

Lease or Buy: Which is Better?

When you lease a vehicle, you can drive a more expensive car while making lower monthly payments. By contrast, buying a vehicle saddles you with higher payments, but you also will eventually enjoy the pride of ownership. Learn more about the pros and cons of each.

Auto Loan: Options or Rebates?

Dealer incentives usually have two forms: interest-rate savings and cash rebates. An interest rate reduction can reduce your borrowing expenses over time, while a cash rebate lowers the overall price of the vehicle. Find out whether you should choose options or rebates with your auto financing.

Is Missing One Auto Loan Payment Bad?

Missing auto loan payments, even just one, can have disastrous consequences on your credit and your finances. More than likely, you will be faced with a host of fees and charges, and a negative mark will appear on your credit score. Learn why it’s critical to pay your auto loan promptly every month.