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The Smart Car


The concept behind the Smart Car is rather simple. In European cities, parking is so hard to come by that the European car builders decided to make a car that would take up minimal space when parked and be able to park nose-in where a regular car would need to parallel park.

Why Buy a Smart Car?

The Smart Car is a very fuel-efficient car. The car itself is actually quite roomy and adjusts extremely well to the occupants of the car. The car is quiet and smooth on the road, which adds to its overall comfort. The car also averages around 35 miles per gallon. The Smart Car is perfect for people who live in big cities where parking is troublesome. The Smart Car allows you to park in places no normal car can park, giving you quick access to supermarkets, clothing stores, restaurants, and the beach.


Currently the Smart Car is only available in foreign markets; however, starting in 2008, you will be able to purchase a Smart Car in the United States. Dealerships with the Penske Automotive Group will be able to obtain and sell the Smart Cars.

How to Get One in the United States

Before 2008, the Smart Car was only available as a used-car export from countries like Japan. Starting in 2008, The Smart Car will be released in the United States. The price for the full-gas version Smart Car will be around $12,000. Later on in the year, the manufacturer has plans to release a ‘hybrid’ version of the Smart Car. The hybrid version will be fully electric and would plug in using an 110V AC outlet.


The Smart Car has a three-cylinder engine that is insulated so well that you almost never hear it. Also, owners can modify the car with powerful Japanese motorcycle engines, which greatly increase the car’s acceleration and horsepower. The Smart Car has a flexible design in that it can be customized with other engines, exhausts, and engine modifiers.

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