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WWGD- What Would Gore Drive

Driving has become a touchy subject with the Americans over the past few years. Where we once were symbolized by our powerful cars and open roads, we now worry about carbon dioxide emissions, greenhouse gasses, miles per gallon, and the rising price of gasoline. Is there any relief in sight at the pump? Are we going to permanently ruin our air quality by pumping out more and more Hummers and other SUV vehicles? Don’t despair–the hero of the environment, Al Gore, is here to tell us what to do or, more specifically, what to drive.

Ford Focus

Maybe you thought every car that was environmentally friendly was going to be an expensive hybrid, but this isn’t true. The Ford Focus is an old-fashioned, gas-powered car that is efficient and produces low emissions. The Focus has some of the best air pollution and greenhouse gas scores of any gas-powered vehicle. It also gets 27 city miles to the gallon. If you aren’t in the mood to deal with elaborate hybrid technology, then maybe the Ford Focus is for you. Its base price is only $13,995.

Al Gore’s Rating: Makes Polar Bears Happy

Mercury Mariner Hybrid SUV

Your eyes do not deceive you; there is a fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly SUV on the market! The Mercury Mariner Hybrid SUV is perfect for those who want to protect the environment and still bus their family around. Its base price is only $26,430, and it gets 32 city miles to the gallon.

Al Gore’s Rating:Saves the Rainforest

Tesla Roadster

Who says you can’t drive an electric car and still look darn good? The Tesla Roadster is one of the world’s sleekest-looking electric sports cars. The car can go from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, has a top speed of 135 mph, and can travel up to 220 miles on a single battery charge. It gets 4.7 miles to the kilowatt hour, which is equivalent to a car that gets 135 miles per gallon. If you want to look good and save the environment, then this one’s for you!

Al Gore’s Rating: Does Not Melt Ice Caps

Toyota Prius

Perhaps the world’s most famous and popular environmentally-friendly hybrid vehicle, the Toyota Prius just sold its one millionth unit this past month. The Prius switches between a gas engine and an electric motor engine at varying speeds, making it ideal for saving you money at the pump and saving the environment. The car gets an amazing 48 city miles per gallon. It is currently retailing at a base price of $22,325. This is one hybrid that is not inconvenient to drive.

Al Gore’s Rating: Patches Up the Ozone Layer

Smart Car

If you want to get a fuel-efficient car to the extreme, then the Smart Car just may be your cup of tea. The Smart Car conserves gas, gets 40 city miles to the gallon, and also makes life easier with its compact size. You can park almost anywhere! It also retails at an incredibly low $11,000. If you want to have a positive impact on the world’s environmental situation, look into a Smart Car today.

Al Gore’s Rating: Gore-Tastic!