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Rough Times for U.S. Automakers

Are you struggling to keep up with the gasoline prices? Have your finances taken a major hit with the recent economic downturn? If so, you are not alone in your struggles. The U.S. automakers are also facing some troubles with their finances as well. It is important that you know what these troubles are because you will also be affected by them. The woes of domestic automakers could rapidly trickle down to you, so it would behoove you to stay abreast of their troubles. After all, you will have to get a new car someday, and there is a good chance a U.S. automaker will manufacture it.

What Is This Trouble?

Just as they have besieged consumers, gas prices have affected the U.S. auto industry. In the past, U.S. auto manufacturers made their money off of large, gas-guzzling machines. The demand for these cars has obviously fallen because the price of gas has risen. What it comes down to is poor planning by the U.S. auto manufacturers. They were not fans of mileage mandates and proceeded to make these large cars because they thought that was the trend. Now, however, they have seen that the needs of the American people are changing, and the manufacturers are at a point where they are fighting to turn things around and follow the newer trends.

What Are the Manufacturers Doing?

Besides begging the government for some sort of bail out, all of the manufacturers are starting to focus on hybrids. GM has made headway on an Escalade hybrid as well as the Chevy Volt due out in a few years. Ford is also trying to spin some of its more popular cars into hybrids models. The American people have spoken and let the companies know what they want; the companies were just to slow to get it going. They thought that they were in control, so they did not plan ahead. When gas prices rose, they then realized that it was their fault that they did not plan ahead and now they are playing catch-up.

What You Can Do

You basically have two options. If you want to get a hybrid, then you are going to have to wait for the American manufacturers to catch up. Otherwise, you can go with a foreign manufacturer that already has a hybrid system in place. American models are just now coming out. Another option you have if you want to save money is to buy an American car now. You will soon see better deals because these companies really want to sell off their stock in order to make some money. This is why you should do your research and see the cars in your area. If you feel like you can get a good deal, you will help the companies recoup some money by buying an American car.

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