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Tricks a Dealer Can Pull on You

We have all seen the movies where they portray a car dealer as a shady individual who is looking to get you at every corner. But is that so far off from the truth? Car dealerships are known for always trying to get your money while making it seem like you got the best deal. Here are some of the tricks a car dealer might try to use on you when you are looking for a new car.

Be Aware of the Dealer!

  • Who knows your credit better?

“Your credit is good, but it does not qualify you for the best rate.” Maybe this is something you have heard from the dealer, but who says it does not qualify you? Are you sure they actually know what your credit score is? You need to make them aware of this; do not sit by and let them play with your score. You should know your credit score going into the transaction.

The Sticker Price

MSRP is the suggested price of an automobile. This is the price you will see on the sticker when you walk into the lot. This should not be your starting point. You need to find out how much they paid for the car, and make that your starting point. Find out exactly how much they are bumping up the price of this car.

  • Suggesting a rate

Here is another time when the dealer assumes they know what is best for you. When they suggest a rate, it probably means this rate will end up with higher interest at some point. They want your money and will trick you into a deceptively high rate. So make sure you find out all the options and then choose what you believe to be best for you.

Stay in Control

This is the main goal. Dealers can really get you if you give them control. But if you remain in control, you will be hard to stop. If they want your business badly enough, they will be able to meet you on some of the things you ask for. But if you let them run wild, you will have no chance of getting the best deal for you.