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Don’t Get Ripped Off by the Auto Dealer

Driving home in that new car is a great experience. It is important to know that you did all you could in order to obtain that car. Make sure you don’t get forced into buying a car by the dealer. Be prepared to combat them because they tend to be a little pushy. So here are some rules you can follow in order to make sure you get the competitive price you deserve.

Do the research

If you know what car you want, then make sure you learn about that car through extensive research. The dealer will take it upon themselves to educate you about that car, but you need to make sure they are not stretching the truth. Know what that car should come supplied with and how it works. Then you need to see what other dealers are selling it for. You want to get the best deal you can, and the more you know, the less they can force upon you. If you walk in there knowing nothing, then you are playing right into their hands.

Do not get sucked in during a test drive

First of all, it is important for you to test drive the vehicle. If they do not offer a test drive, then avoid that dealership. You should always test a vehicle out prior to purchasing it. Make sure your test drive is long enough for you check out all the details. Check all the windows, how it handles, how it backs up, etc. Test everything because you do not want any surprises once you purchase the car. One of the tricks of some bad auto dealers is trying to get your license. If they have your license, they can keep it for as long as they want and try to persuade you. Do not let them do that.

Work the negotiations

The dealer will come to you with their highest offer right away. But because you did your research, you will know how to counter. Always go with your lowest offer to combat the dealer’s initial offer. What may happen after this is that they will go talk to the manager. This is a stall tactic. But before they do that, let them know you only have a few minutes to wait, at which point you will need to leave. This puts you at the advantage because you want to be calling the shots.

Get that satisfaction

The satisfaction of knowing that you were able to purchase a car on your terms is a great feeling. So make sure you get that feeling. Go into the dealership and make them play your game. Do not let them get control over you.