Motorcycles and Scooters Save You Money

Are high prices at the pump getting you down? Americans are finding it harder and harder to fill up their automobiles with gasoline these days. They are searching for new ways to save money. Have you ever thought about owning a scooter or a motorcycle? These are great methods of transportation that can also save you money. The following are some of the ways that scooters and motorcycles might benefit you.

Why Two Wheels Instead of Four

Scooters and motorcycles offer better fuel economy than automobiles do. Many manufacturers claim that their two-wheel vehicles can get anywhere from 40-100 miles per gallon. That is quite an increase from most automobiles, which would mean fewer trips to the gas pump. Also, scooters and motorcycles require less maintenance than four-wheel vehicles, which is yet another way you save money. On the down side, you will have to face inclement weather conditions on a two-wheel vehicle.

Join the Growing Trend!

Two-wheel vehicles are a growing trend. People are starting to realize that scooters and motorcycles are the way to go. Over six million people have registered their two-wheel vehicles in the past year. We’re seeing record-breaking sales of these vehicles as Americans look for new ways to make their fuel dollars go farther. As long as gas prices stay high, the trend is here to stay.

Please Be Safe

Safety is a huge concern with a two-wheel vehicle. These vehicles are more dangerous than cars because they are not as large and do not offer the protection that cars do. You will not be as visible on the roads with just two wheels, which is why you need to make sure that cars always see you. Always wear a helmet! More and more states are enacting helmet laws that slap violators with tickets and massive fines. Do not risk it. Avoid the ticket, the fine, and the possible head injury by donning a helmet at all times.