How a Little Research Can Save a Lot of $$

Millions of dollars are lost every year by consumers to car salespersons because they didn’t take the time to do a little research on a car before they signed on the bottom line. A little desperation on the part of the consumer and a little spit and polish on the part of the salesperson’s car refurbishing team and a $9,000 vehicle could easily drive off the lot for $12,000 or more. You don’t want to be that person, though, which is why you’re here, learning how to go in forearmed and forewarned.

Know Your Car Before You Arrive

Certain websites, such as Kelly Blue Book will give you the lowdown on the new car price and the used car price of a vehicle based on the mileage and features available. Of course this will not give you a precise number, especially if you are buying a used car and will not have complete control over which features you will be offered in the cars available. However, it will give you a ballpark estimate and that should allow you to stay comfortably on the side of a good bargain rather than a good sale.

Know Your Dealership Before You Arrive

Most people don’t think about this before they shop, but dealerships have reputations just like the cars themselves do. Sure the salespeople may change, but the training techniques, the tactics, and the personality of a dealership remain. Ask around to your friends and neighbors who have bought cars in the last couple of years who they bought from and whether they had a pleasant experience. Some dealerships even give bonuses to your referrals if you come in and mention their name. researching the local dealerships in advance will clue you in as to which ones tend to be fair about their dealings and which ones offer the high-pressure, dirty tactic kind of sales.

Know your Credit Before You Arrive

Checking your credit score before you go shopping for a car gives you extra bargaining power. It lets you know exactly where you stand with the possiiblity of financing and enables you to shop with confidence for one car, while thinking twice about even test-driving another. The delaership will end up checking this anyway before a sale, and you don’t want them coming back on you with any nasty surprises that allow them to jack up the downpayment demand or interest rate you will have to pay.