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Inspect That Used Car

Are you one of the buyers considering a used car? Do not be ashamed, if so, because it is truly a good way to go. Used cars can save you a lot of money. You need to make sure that you go about the process of buying a used car just like you would with a new car. That means that you need to take your time and inspect it. The following are some of the best ways that you can inspect a used car to make sure that it is going to work for you. Even though used cars are cheaper, you are still going to want to make sure you do not waste your money. Take your time in selecting your used vehicle. You will be glad you did.


How do the seats look? Are there rips in them? Make sure it is comfortable to sit in. When you opened the door, did you smell any odors in the car? It might not be a pleasant thing to buy a car from a smoker or buy a car that has water damage. There are some smells you can’t get rid of. Do all the controls work? You need to go through them all and make sure that you can signal properly, your gas meter is on, there are no warning lights, etc. You are also going to want to check the gas and brake pedals to make sure nothing is wrong with them.


The first thing you need to do is walk around the car and verify that all the lights are in tact, the fenders are attached, and that there is no major damage to the body of the car. It is important that the paint is the same color all the way around; inconsistencies usually indicate past damage. You also need to check for rust because that could become a problem. Do not forget about checking the tires either. It is also important that all the glass is in tact. Finally, check the shocks and suspension by paying attention to how the vehicle drives over bumpy terrain.

Underneath the Hood

Check out all the hoses and belts. Make sure everything is attached and that all the belts are not worn out. The hoses must be firm as well. You will then need to check the fluid levels in the car. This will tell you if there are any leaks. Also, a car with bad fluids is more likely to break down than one that is maintained properly. You also need to check the battery to verify that is has sufficient life left. The radiator is also something that you need to check on. All the coolant needs to be fresh as well.