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Haggling to Get the Best Price

Of course you want the best price you can get. This applies to all purchases, but even more so for your car. You should not shy away from haggling with the dealer. If you expect to get the best deal, then you will have to do some negotiating. Here are some negotiating techniques you can employ to get a great deal on your new car.

Become a Master Haggler

  • Don’t agree to the first proposal
  • Do not think that the first offer you get will be the best. This may not be the worst deal; it will just be a deal that works out more in the dealer’s favor. Mull it over for a few minutes and then deny it. If they do not lower their price, you can just go to another dealer. Your goal is to push them to their lowest possible price.
  • Don’t talk a lot when rejecting
  • You do not want to reject an offer and then keep talking. Just say something like, “Sorry, I need a better deal.” Then you want to keep quiet. Silence is OK, even though it may be awkward. Make them feel uncomfortable. Don’t betray your discomfort or the dealer will exploit it.
  • Call upon an approver
  • Before the sale is final, the salesperson will have to go and get approval from his manager. So why shouldn’t you have someone you need to approve the deal with? This can be your spouse, for example. If you get your spouse to say they love the car but not the price, you have an excuse to continue negotiations.
  • Give them a small victory
  • It is important to hold something back. This is something you do not mind giving up, but hold it until the end. So when you get the best deal for you, then you can give this up. That way, the salesperson does not feel like you owned them completely. If they feel like they had a victory, then that works better for you. If you ever choose to do business with this person again, they will be more open to helping you.

Now Go Haggle!

Now that you know what to do, you can become a master negotiator. You will find that this really helps you a lot in your buying situations. Getting the best deal should always be at the top of your list. When you find a method that works, like haggling, you should stick with it.