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New Car Options You Should Bargain For

If you’re like most new-car buyers, you know exactly what you’re looking for when you go out there: tinted windows or bucket seats, leather interior, or a 52-speaker stereo system loud enough to communicate with Pluto. There are some lesser-known things, however, that you might want to try to get your salesperson to throw in as he’s salivating over the prospect of having you sign the contract:

Buyer’s Remorse Option

Buyer’s remorse happens to the best of us over anything we thought we wanted so very badly, and while this option is tricky to get a salesperson to accept, it’s possible! Buyer’s remorse is an opportunity for you to return the car to the dealership two or three days after you’ve purchased it. We all know that cars depreciate in value the instant you drive them off the lot. Sometimes, however, it doesn’t take more than two or three miles past the marker of your test-drive to realize that maybe this isn’t quite what you were looking for. If you wake up the next morning and walk out of your house thinking “What have I done?” when you see that shiny car sitting in the driveway, this option will allow you to return the car to the dealer - who is sure to try their best to make you keep it - and walk away, contract canceled.

Get the Alarm - The Nice One - FREE!

They’re not going to let you scrub the whole deal for thousands of dollars over a $400 or $500 alarm system. You need one for your new car, but you’re just not willing to budge on the price of a good alarm system - they will throw it in.

Extend the Warranty

This is the part where the dealer will start to squeal like worn-down brakes: ask them to extend the warranty on your vehicle. It is within their power, and they will try to sell it to you at an inflated rate, (since you negotiated such a great bargain on the car, right?), but haggle with them a bit. If you’re good, you can turn the standard three- or four-year warranty on your vehicle to a six- to ten-year warranty for a minimal amount or possibly even no cost at all.

Remember when haggling for things with auto dealers that you have the power, not them. Worst case scenario, they will shake their head sadly, offer you their hand, and say they can’t help you. In that case, there are other dealerships in town with the same car that are licking their chops and waiting for the chance to talk with you. So be bold and confident and get what you want at the best price!