My Car Broke Down…

A broken-down car is one of the biggest hassles one can face in life. Since cars are so vital to our every day lives, not having one can seem like a huge strain. When you car breaks down, you basically have two options: repair it or purchase a new car.

Repair or Replace?

This is a fundamental decision you must make when your car breaks down. It depends on what condition your car is in and how much you want to get a new one. Car repairs can cost a lot of money today. It may be a better idea to save the money you would pay on repairs, combine it with the remaining value of your car, and use it towards a down payment on a new car. Consider the following pros and cons of repairing and replacing.


  • Will cost you a lot less money in the long run
  • Keep the car you already feel comfortable with
  • Can cost a lot of money to delay the inevitable
  • Since you have to pay repair money anyway, might as well put it towards a down payment on a new car


  • Get a brand new car that works great
  • Your new car will be much more valuable than your old one
  • Will cost you more money then a simple repair
  • You may not be ready to part with your old car

We Can Help

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