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Is It Better to Pay My Loan Off in a Lump Sum or Over Time?

There are ranging viewpoints on whether or not you should pay off your loan in a lump sum or over time. Each option offers several benefits. Deciding which method to use can be hard, especially with pressure from lending companies that can sway you one way or the other. To outline the two, we have created a guide that highlights the pros and cons of each method.

Paying Off in a Lump Sum

Paying off your loan in a lump sum may seem impossible because of the amount of money required, but it can end up saving you thousands of dollars. The lump-sum method might not be an option for some borrowers because of its tremendous up-front expense. On the flip side, you will avoid paying thousands of dollars in interest to the bank. Keep in mind that the lump-sum method is not available based on your contract. Many lending companies charge a fee because they are not making as much money on interest charges. It is very important to find out these things before you get a loan. You should find a loan that provides a penalty-free early payment option for maximum flexibility.

Paying Off over Time

Paying off your auto loan over time is the most popular method among consumers. It allows you to make relatively low monthly payments over time, increasing your available income. Different lending companies have various options on interest rates, so you should find the one that suits you best. The one major downside of paying it off over time is the fact that you will spend a lot of extra money in interest. But, unfortunately, few people can afford the lump-sum alternative. Paying off the loan over time doesn’t offer the freedom of paying it all at once, but you can still find an affordable option by comparing interest rates.

Make Sure You Choose the Best Option for You

As you can see, there are pros and cons to each option. The only way you can arrive at a good decision is by assessing where you are financially and then comparing your options. If you have enough cash to make a lump-sum payment, that option will save you the most money in the long run. However, if you are constrained by your cash flow when you make your purchase, you may instead choose to finance the loan over time despite the added interest expense.